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We offer a variety of different Landscaping and Construction services for our customers!

Each project is individually customized for each customer. If you are interested in a project not listed please contact us and we will let you know if we can help or recommend you to a trusted service provider who can.

Sod Instillation

We offer sodding for all of your needs. We lay the most common grown grasses in Georgia including Bermuda, Fescue and Zoysia grass. Sod is a great way to instantly extend any area of your yard without having to wait for it to grow.

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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting will make any home or residential landscape area pop and is a common update to making homes look more modern while emphasizing landscape structures such as flower beds, trees and side walks. Lighting is a completely customizable option ranging from bulb types, multi-colored lights and smart home integration.


Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is structure built into a slope of your yard that holds back soil resulting in a raised slope yard or a completely leveled yard. Retaining walls can be used to cut off sloped backyard and border forest lines or cut off front yard slopes to prevent premature erosion onto roads and sidewalks. Retaining walls are customized to each customers yard and can often include features such as a staircase leading to the raised area or even a multi-level retaining wall with greenery shelves.


Brush Mowing

Brush mowing is great solution for clearing out large areas of overgrown, neglected land. Large grasses can be cleared fairly quickly with our heavy machinery. Clearing out large areas of land can me great for areas that are too thick and too tall to trim with your traditional machinery.

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Drainage Solutions

Drainage solution are installed to control the direction of rain water to stop or prevent damage to you yard or house. Different options of drainage solutions vary for each scenario. We are able to asses your situation to dictate which option is best for you.


Common drainage solutions include downspout corrections, grading, dry creek beds and catch basins. Water can cause slow but very damaging harm to your yard or basement if not directed correctly.


Rainwater Harversting

Rainwater can be collected into large tanks with our rainwater harvesting solutions. Rainwater can be recycled throughout the year with the simple flip of a switch. Rain water collection tanks can be made to re-direct rain water to water your yard through a sprinkler system or even a spigot where a hose can be attached. Rain water tanks are a great option to recycle water and over time pay for themselves!

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Grading is the leveling out of an area of yard to prepare for the building of a new structure or evening an area out which had been previously sloped or eroded.

Different options of grading are available such as rough grading or surface smoothing.


Lot Clearing/ Build Prep

We offer land clearing to prep residential lots for building. Lot clearing often includes tree and brush removal, rough grading, and land surveying. 




Adding greenery to you yard is an easy way to enhance your yard and comes with many benefits. Greenery can be installed to start a small garden, line a walkway, or shade an area of lawn. Trees, flowers, shrubs, and other types really bring a yard together and really put emphasis on where they're installed.

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